the concept what stared the ICD Project

ICD 1 Like a ICD3
From ICD 1 Like a ICD3 (first tryout)

at the moment its am I to busy to work on my new camera ideas. but I did have still this negative to show about the ICD3 camera.

I wanted to see last year what the effect would be if I put M645 lessens on the ICD 1 camera so I used a lens adaptor. as a test for a new build of the ICD3 were I can experiment more with mamiya 645 lenses on a bigger since negative. than the standard 6x45 format

but I was forgotten to take my tripod with me so I had to look arount to see were I can place my camera so I can take a picture for about 2 minutes

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ICD 1PK prototype

(EN) This is the ICD 1 the PK stands for the Pentax SLR lens mount it haves. So I can use the same M42 lenses like on the ICD 0. And now also the the Pentax lenses so I can experiment with more lenses. and because it can hold Cokin A filters in side its possible to use it this model in day time to. because this model haves no shutter. so I needed to slow the shutter speed down.

(NL) dit is de ICD 1 en de PK staat voor de Pentax SLR lens montage dat dit model heeft. zo dat de zelfde M42 lenzen kan gebruiken als op de ICD 0. en nu ook de Pentax lenzen zodat met nog meer lenzen kan experimenteren. en omdat deze nu ook Cokin A filter kan gebruiken in de camera zelf. is het nu ook mogelijk om overdag foto's te maken. omdat dit model geen sluiter heeft. was het belangrijk de sluitertijden te vertragen zodat deze handmatig open en dicht kan.

to see the pictures of camera just look at the flowing links.
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ICD 0 prototype

(EN) This is the first ICD camera made of a shoe box. so I can look if the effect was like I expected. so I didn't have to make a hole camera just to look if will it works.

(NL) Dit is de eerste ICD camera gemaakt van een schoenen doos. zodat ik kon kijken of het effect was zo als ik verwachten. zodat niet een hele camera hoefde te maken om te zien of jet werkte naar wens.

to see the pictures of camera just look at the flowing links.
Link Lomography
Link picasa